Flexibility Helps Nike Employee Select Textiles Online Master’s Program

Hanna Chong graduated from NC State with a bachelor’s degree in polymer and color chemistry in 2011. Now, she’s earning her master’s degree online through Textiles Online Programs offered by NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles while working full time in Beaverton, Ore., as a vendor manager for Nike.

As part of her job, Chong manages materials suppliers and commercializes materials in the America’s Region.

“I specifically chose the Master of Textiles program because I wanted to go back to some of the foundational textiles knowledge and enhance the knowledge that I had,” Chong said.

In Spring 2016, she signed up for two graduate courses, but Chong realized balancing work and school was a difficult process.

“I quickly found out that taking two classes in a semester was overwhelming for me. I now know to take one class per semester,” Chong said. Although Chong found a system that works well for her, every student is different.

“I reserve around three hours during the week to go through lectures and on the weekends I’ll catch up on lectures or do assignments,” Chong explained.

She also said the flexibility of the online program was appealing and a drawing factor as to why she chose NC State Online and Distance Education to continue her education.

“It’s super empowering that you can go as slow or as fast as needed in a course,” Chong said. Although students are able to do coursework at their own pace, instructors provide deadlines for all assignments and those assignments are still required to be completed on time.

“It’s also nice that the lectures are recorded. If I have difficulties in understanding something, I’ll watch it again. That’s a perk that you don’t get in a regular classroom setting,” Chong said.

Chong’s already applied some of the material she’s learned in TTM 581: Global Textile and Apparel Business Dynamics to her current job.

“The content was super helpful,” Chong said. “It went through trade agreements and sourcing steps,” Chong said. “I can see myself continuing to use what I learned from this class in the future as well.”

Chong has taken three courses so far. She said she’s been able to apply everything to her current job. Chong plans to complete her master’s degree program in 2020.

Students can learn more about the online Master of Textiles Program on the Textiles Online Programs website.