About NC State Textiles Online Programs

It’s easier than you think to keep up with industry trends and learn technology advancements – and stay excited.


By taking classes at one of the best resources in the country: North Carolina State University’s Textiles Online programs.

All types of people are enrolled, from executives who need a refresher to mid-level employees ready to climb the ranks. There are students straight out of undergrad – or straight from jobs that are changing fast. No matter your situation, you’ll find that going back to school is simple and smart.

By earning an academic certificate from NC State’s Textiles Online programs, you’re telling employers that you have advanced training in a specific area – which makes you even more marketable in a competitive field.

Whether you are a degree-seeking or non-degree-seeking graduate student at NC State, you can add even more credentials to your academic record with this advanced certificate.

Even if you choose not to pursue a master’s degree or a graduate certificate, you can still use coursework to boost your career. NC State offers specialized certificates that prove you’ve done in-depth work in a certain area – which gives you an edge when it comes to landing promotions or new jobs. The only requirements? You must be an off-campus student who already has a B.S. degree.

Upon program completion, you’ll have the same learning outcome as students who spent hours in a classroom: a master’s degree or certificate that can catapult your career to the next level.

Imagine what an advanced degree could do for your job prospects or current position. NC State can help you tap into the latest technology and trends.

Here’s why:

  • Both undergraduate and graduate classes are available, so you can boost your existing career – or change course completely.
  • You can decide whether to take classes for credit or audit, enabling you to customize your education.
  • Instead of showing up for class, the class comes to you – in the form of online materials.

Full-time jobs, family obligations or commutes no longer apply. The flexible curriculum means you can study wherever you want, whenever you want – you need only a computer to access Moodle, the learning management system. With a high-quality distance education program like NC State’s Textiles Online programs, you can earn an advanced degree or certificate without commuting to campus. It’s the ultimate way to take control of your education – and your future.

For more information, browse our undergraduate and graduate program offerings, visit our FAQ page, or contact us.